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i like how yongguk and kris are like the super scary leader type but actually they have cute smile and collects plushies

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I’m still looking for people that’s interested in a lower balcony and GA floor ticket. Please message me, I don’t bite :)

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I cant go to the concert anymore, my parents think it’s too dangerous now because of recent news going on. So I have one lower balcony and one GA floor ticket, please message me if anyone is interested :) The prices will be similar to what I paid. I’m not trying to make a profit or anything, since I know how it’s like to be ripped off. please, I really really want to sell the tickets off :)

BAP SF concert

So I ended up with an extra ticket to the SF concert and I’ll willing to sell it for original price, I’m not trying to make profit or anything.

It’s a lower balcony seat and if you want to buy it, please message me :)

B.A.P and their cute/dumb face expressions

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YoungLo/JaeLo couple